Why We Formed Making Homes Happen, Inc.

While investing in an out of state property we became aware of the challenges investors faced working with a management company. Changing management companies three times in a couple short years, talk about frustrating.

You want things done right.

You want to be informed. 

You want to be kept up to date.

You want worry free.

We know we can make that happen for you. As your property management company, we offer you a dependable quality service. We take pride in our responsibilities, and know the importance of inspections of your property to preserve your investment. Understanding the value of quickly securing a qualified tenant into your property, let us manage the 24/7 challenges your rentals encompass.

Together, we are making homes happen 4 you. Please contact us today.


I Am Kathleen

Licensed in the State of Oregon.

Actively involved with:
Oregon Rental Housing Association
Salem Rental Housing Association

In August of 2003, not knowing this would lead to a major career change in ten years; I purchased my first investment property. Rehabbing was set in motion and by May of 2004 I became a landlord. Learning the do and do not of this highly regulated business, while working on what would become a 30 year career at Costco Wholesale.
(Yes I started back in the day when numbers where called out, and I hand keyed them in!)

Enjoying finding solutions to the challenges landlords face, I left Costco to put 100% focus on property management. Gratefully surrounding myself with knowledgeable people in the industry. I became licensed in the State of Oregon, enabling me to offer my services managing your rental homes.
2021 Oregon RHA Delegate
2021 Salem RHA President & Speaker Coordinator
2020 Oregon RHA Delegate, Salem RHA Speaker Coordinator
2019 Oregon RHA Delegate, Salem RHA Speaker Coordinator
2018 Oregon RHA Delegate, Salem RHA Speaker Coordinator
2017 Oregon RHA Delegate, Salem RHA Speaker Coordinator
2016 Oregon RHA Delegate, Salem RHA Secretary
2015 Salem RHA Secretary
2014 Salem RHA Secretary

I Am Steve

My first experience as a landlord began in 1989, when much like today, renting was a better option than selling. Growing up in two generations of contractors, I am familiar with the construction of a house and how to properly maintain it, making land lording an easy fit.

Recently retired after 34 years of service as a route sales representative, I work with managers of large corporations and skillfully adjust to the never ending change of the economy.

Goal orientated, and highly motivated to meet your property management needs.

I am looking forward to working with you.